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Welcome Darling

As we pulled away to leave, my midwife leaned in the car and said, “Don’t forget to show her around the house when you get home and introduce her to everything.”

Wait a minute…huh?

You want me to give my 2 hour old baby a house tour?

Despite it sounding a bit silly - that’s just what we did.

From those first hours - we surrounded our little miracle with words - words about where we were, what we doing and why we were doing it. She also enjoyed her very first read aloud within hours of being earth-side.

Time, words and unconditional love are the greatest gift you can ever give a child. Raising smart, confident kids doesn’t take lots of money, tons of time, elaborate sensory bins or expensive resources.

What I’ve learned over the past 9 years is that it’s more about mindset, than a perfect technique. It’s all about your intention to make the absolute most of the time you have together. This is a fun and natural way of enhancing childhood - not taking it away.

I’m here to help you! I’ll show you how you can incorporate words, reading and play into your life to raise a child who is naturally bright, curious and loves to learn.

I know I’m not a perfect mother (is there such a thing?) but I know that I got this one thing right! And I am thoroughly convinced if I can do it - you can too.

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A Few Fun Things A

bout Me

I have three small children and all white furniture, so some might say I like to live on the wild side. I am a homeschooling, photographing, bubbly water drinking girl who loves the beach and World of Dance. I secretly want to live in JLo’s closet. But, until that dream comes true, you can find me buried in overdue library books or looking for my keys.



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